Continual Professional Development (CPD)


Individual PE tutor development


We operate a structured and bespoke recruitment and staff development programme, which ALL Teachsport staff must undertake -



Level 1:

All new Teachsport staff begin by shadowing our full-time PE tutors in a live school environment. All shadowing work is monitored and reviewed by one of our Senior Managers on a weekly basis. Each new member of staff will be given a Line Manager who is responsible for their wellbeing and PE development.


Level 2:

On agreement with Teachsport Management, new staff continue work on a 'trial' (expenses paid) basis, where they remain to shadow our full-time tutors, but write their own session and term-time plans. These plans will be reviewed by the individuals Line Manager.


Level 3:

On agreement with Teachsport Management, new staff will begin work on Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Clubs (all un-supported).

This work will be paid on 'Pay Band ONE' rates. The sessions will be observed on a half-termly basis and relevant development plans and feedback put forward.


Level 4:

In addtion to un-supported Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Club sessions, new staff will also be given shadowing hours whereby they will assist various Teachsport tutors during their curriculum and Team Teaching sessions. These shadowing hours are vital to the individuals development path and compulsary in order to progress to Level 5 of the CPD programme.


Level 5:

On agreement with Teachsport Management, new staff will be offered additional working hours and a sustainable teaching schedule planned out and agreed. Their pay band will also be reviewed and set for that terms work. Their progress will continue to be assessed and reviewed on a term time basis by their Line Manager and/or our PE Development Managers.