Franchise Owner:     Kullam Roye & Nathan Roye


Founded:                     September 2016


Telephone:                  07860 806 434






Nathan (pictured right) specialises in combat sports and is a Black Belt Taekwondo tutor. His ongoing personal and career success can be put down to a strong work ethic, a thirst for knowledge and a passion for helping people. This has enabled him to transcend from a martial arts teacher into a well-rounded sports tutor as well as a youth and health mentor.


Nathan started practicing martial arts at the tender age of 4 years old, starting off with Judo then transitioned to Taekwondo shortly after. He achieved his 1st black belt at the age of 11 years old. He has competed at various competitions from club level all the way up to international and world levels. Nathan has trained and practiced in various other forms of martial arts and combat sports such as boxing, kick boxing, wing chun, kravmaga and hadonggumdo (Koran swordsmanship).


Career Highlights


In 2010 Nathan captained the UK team in Sofia, Bulgaria at an adult all styles Martial Arts competition, where he achieved a silver medal after facing the best martial artists in Europe.


In 2013 Nathan took a team of 15 to the Southern Area Championships where every member of the squad won 1st place in their weight class.


In 2014, at the age of 25, Nathan became the youngest 5th Dan Master in Europe and the youngest 5th Dan there has ever been in the UK.


Moving forward, Nathan would like to 'share his knowledge with as many people as possible to help them become the best version of theirself'. This will easily be achieved using Teachsports working ethos and his new franchise in Greenwich.