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Teachsport is actively involved in the improvement of education, learning opportunities and the recognition of qualifications in Europe. It has received EU funding for several projects in the last few years to develop new approaches. Most of these projects have used Teachsport's educational experience to develop online courses, qualifications and real life opportunities for people with a variety of challenges in their lives. 

ET-NEET's - Effective Training for NEET's (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Project Duration:    2 years, 2014-2016. 

Role in Project:    Writer and Partner 

Project Website:    www.et-neets.eu 

Project Code:    2014-1-UK01-KA204-000029 

What is the problem the project is trying to solve? 

Youth unemployment is one of the major challenges of EU employment policy as 12.9% of those aged 15–24 in the EU are currently not in employment, this equates to approximately 5.5 million young people being affected. These young adults are generally disproportionately affected by a lack of opportunities which has been accelerated through the recent economic crisis. They are often from disadvantaged backgrounds and are Not in Employment, Education or Training, in short called NEETs. 

The Solution 

The project will work together with it Target Groups who currently offer training to NEETs and gather, analyse and produce data to support the development of a common framework for identifying indicators to measure successful training. The result will be effective and high quality training that will available for teachers and trainers to use when delivering training to NEETs. 

The Web-Platform 

Training programmes for NEETs incorporate a variety of elements to teach key competences and basic skills and are currently being designed and delivered by local governments, charities and NGOs. The project will produce a Web Platform which, for the first time, will bring together training organisations from all levels (locally, nationally and EU-wide) which enables them: 

  • To communicate  
  • To organise exchange   
  • To find methods of best practice.   

It will also allow them to publish and evaluate their own methods and will assist them to compare programs offered by other organisations using the web platforms Matrix software tool. 

Training Materials for NEET Teachers 

From its research into existing training programmes and their effectiveness the project team will run two Pilot training courses and finally design and produce a course for teachers and trainers of NEETs to use. These Training Materials for NEET Teachers (TMNT) will include elements, methods and techniques that have been tested and proved to be successful. The TMNT courses will promote mobility as a significant factor in delivering more effective results in this sector of adult education and especially for NEETs from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The final project conference was held in London where stakeholders were invited to attend and be presented with the work and results of the project. 

Our European projects team work in direct partnership with SEA TEACH - www.sea-teach.com 


Move up to be healthy and happy

Project duration:    2 years, 2016-2017 

Role in Project:    Partner 

Project Website:    http://moveupproject.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page.html 

Project Code:    2015-2907/001-001 

The project “Move up to be healthy and happy” co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union was launched in January 2016. The project is the answer to diagnosed problems connected with children’s health, nutrition, physical and personal development, integration and assimilation. The best solutions that can help children in facing with their problems are to encourage them to do sports and show how to live healthy. The project includes a programme which appears in a comprehensive approach to children and their lives. The project will include not only children but also their teachers and parents who will get knowledge on how to ensure healthier life for children.   

Project Move Up To Healthy and Happy was created for the youngest inhabitants of Gdynia and the partner countries, the initiative is primarily aimed at: 

1. Prevention of civilization diseases of children by raising awareness about health. 

2. The promotion of equality in sport (equal access to sport for the socially excluded, the obese, people with disabilities). 

3. Promoting social inclusion (events for children from socially excluded). 

4. Improved qualifications conducting physical education classes with the children. 

5. The promotion of mass sports. 

6. Strengthening of cooperation between institutions working in the field of sport. 

7. The exchange of experience between partners. 


Within two years, they have been planned such activities as: 

  • Innovative physical education classes for children and primary schools, 
  • Educational activities in the field of proper nutrition for children, 
  • Seminars for parents and teachers, 
  • Sports events for children, young people and parents, 
  • Setting up an Internet platform to exchange common experiences, 
  • Creating Handbook (handbook) for children. 

All activities will be conducted simultaneously in 6 countries. Leader and coordinator of the project is to Gdynia Sports Centre, and partners: 

City of Forte dei Marmi (Comune di Forte dei Marmi - CFdM), Italy 

City Lousada (Município de Lousada - MdL), Portugal 

Association Local Action Group Porolissum Napoca (Asociaţia Grupul de actiune locale PorolissumNapoca - LAG), Aghireşu, Romania 

Teachsport (CT), London, United Kingdom 

Beachclub Ládví os (Beachklub Ládví os - BL), Prague, Czech Republic 

The Center of Sports Medicine - Gdynia, Poland 

The initiative began with the beginning of the year 1 January 2016 year and take two years to December 31, 2017 year. 

The project is co-financed by the EU program Erasmus +.