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Welcome to Buzzers Academies

Our Buzzers Holiday Academies are aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years and are designed to suit all sporting interests and abilities. A typical day can involve a range of sports activities from team sports to gymnastics and dance. We also offer arts and craft activities, wellbeing activities and occasional special events. Many of our Buzzers Academy venues accept Childcare Vouchers and HMRC tax free vouchers. Please check the page for your area for more specific details and the latest booking information.

Buzzers Academies are tailored to ensure maximum participation in a fun and safe environment. Our staff will ensure that children feel safe, welcome and try a range of activities every day. 

All Academy staff have a current Enhanced DBS and are trained in First Aid & Safeguarding Children, as well as attending our own internal training programme. 

Staff come from school-based teaching backgrounds, so education is at the forefront of everyday. There is always a clear plan and a learning outcome to anything we do. Due to our school experience, we are also very used to accommodating and welcoming children with different and varying needs. 

Children need to come to Buzzers Academy with a packed lunch (no nuts please!), a re-fillable water bottle, suitable comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a bit mucky, waterproof jacket and sunhat/cream.


Buzzers Saturday Club 

Saturday club is aimed at children 5 years and over who have a love for sport, fun and adventure. We emphasise teamwork and leadership whilst ensuring the children are engaged in physical play. Staff work in schools during the week and are therefore very used to working within a safe and structured environment. 

Buzzers Saturday sessions are run in a variety of locations. Please check your area for venues.


Baby Buzzers  

These are sessions designed for under-5’s and their parents/carers. They help children develop their basic physical skills in a safe and fun environment. Parents are encouraged to actively take part and staff will help them to understand how to encourage their children to use their bodies in a way that develops their core ABC skills (Agility, Balance and Coordination). 

Baby Buzzers sessions are run in a variety of locations during the week. Please check your area for venues.


Buzzers Birthday Parties 

Make your child’s birthday party a celebration to remember! 

With a Buzzers Party, you get: 

A bespoke party planned to your requirements 

A fully qualified and experienced sports tutor 

All equipment provided 

Access to a venue in some circumstances (depends on location) 

Our Buzzers Birthday Parties are aimed at getting the children physically active in a fun and safe environment. Emphasis will be put on maximum participation and trying something new! We will work with you to tailor something that your child and their friends will remember for a long time! 

Please check with your area owner for details.